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Bathroom Renovations in Lafayette

Bathrooms often start to look outdated after 10 or 15 years, which can, whether you like it or not, become an issue when discussing a room you tend to look at as often as any other room.  Luckily, bathroom remodels are some of the easiest to undergo and with the expert team at Bogert Construction, you will be able to completely reface every aspect of your bathroom, from the light fixtures to the tiles and countertops – and even the shower style.


How the Bogert Construction team can help.

The first thing we can do is sit down with you and discuss what you’d like to change about your bathrooms. Here are some of the most common aspects of a bathroom—whether it’s a full bath or a half—that our customers want to change:


Size:  For many people, the bathroom of their dreams is considerably larger than the one in the home that they live in. After all, the process of buying a home almost always involves compromise, and most often in rooms like the bathroom. That’s why when it comes time to remodel one or bathrooms, the issue of size comes up frequently. Depending on the rooms around the bathroom in question, it may not always be possible to make the space larger, but with some layout strategy with different objects within the room, the space can be opened up practically.


Layout:  The layout of a bathroom goes hand-in-hand with the size of the space. Certain layouts can make a room seem bigger than it was, even when it isn’t. Refreshed appliances like the shower (if there is one), the toilet and counters can make a layout that used to make sense suddenly not do so anymore, so a lot of thought has to go into this aspect of a bath remodel.


Shower:  One of the most common changes customers want to make when remodeling one or more bathrooms is the shower/bathtub.  There are so many options in terms of shower styles and fixtures these days.  It’s almost definite that yours will need to be changed, and sometimes the change you want is significant.


Tiles:  The flooring, counter top and backslashes are important when you repaint a bathroom during a remodel.  The colors and materials all have to go well with each other.


Plumbing appliances:   Another popular change to make during a home renovation is replacing plumbing appliances like toilets, sinks, and shower heads.  Older styles are much less environmentally friendly than newer products, and this change can significantly lower your energy bills.

Talk with us today

Call Bogert Construction as soon as you start to consider a change to any bathroom. We can advise you on new bathroom tile, toilets and sinks, counters and countertops, and light fixtures. We’ve been in the business long enough to know exactly how much suppliers will charge for different materials, which is why we can always give you accurate quotes for your project. The team at Bogert Construction will be by your side throughout the process of planning and designing your new bathroom, all the way to the installation of new fixtures and flooring.

We’re your perfect remodeling partner; call (765) 607-1684 today!

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