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Flooring Installation in Lafayette

One of the most common kitchen and bathroom renovations people elect to make in their home is a full flooring replacement. Having new floors installed can completely transform a room, and what’s more, you can have complete control over the design. Bogert Construction has access to a whole catalog of different styles, materials and designs for new flooring, giving you the freedom to start your remodel off right.


The Flooring Process

It is important that flooring installation be done right for a few reasons:
Your new floor in any room should last a long time without scratching or scuffing.
Any floor should be durable enough to take a beating (you’ll be walking on it every day, after all).
Your new floor should seamlessly fit with the style of the room it’s in.

Here are some insights to the flooring process that you’ll be able to observe when you have the team at Bogert Construction come out to install new floors in your home.


First, your old floor needs to be uncovered and ripped up. This means stripping carpet, if applicable, and tearing up old floorboards and sometimes even the sub-floor to create a stable base to build your new floor.


Next, we reinforce the sub-floor and base to ensure a durable, long-lasting new floor.


The next step is dependent on the material you’ve chosen for your new floor. We’ll measure the space in terms of the dimensions of hardwood floorboards, your selected flooring tiles or any material of your choice and then install a perfect dimensional floor that will stand up against the test of time.


If your new floor needs to be sanded, polished or finished, we’ll complete the job so that your new floor is as durable as possible.

Call Bogert Construction for your new floors!

The first step to a new floor with Bogert Construction is a consultation. Each material listed above varies by cost, weight and a variety of other factors. These are things that need to be discussed and agreed upon before we break ground, so to speak, on your new flooring installation project.

If you’re looking at taking out old floors and replacing them with new ones in your home, the team at Bogert can handle this with ease. In fact, it’s extremely common to replace floors when remodeling a room, and you need access to a construction company with experience and expertise in flooring and re-flooring. We can help that.

Call us in Lafayette today for details!

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