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Kitchen Remodeling

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? Studies show that people often consider the kitchen as the most important room in the home, which is why the kitchen is the most common space to change. A kitchen remodel can be anything from a floor replacement to new countertops and cabinets, along with the replacement of kitchen appliances like a dishwasher or refrigerator. The addition of elegant, new appliances can give your kitchen a new look and increase energy efficiency, lowering your utility bills dramatically.

 Kitchen Storage

We can’t even count the number of homeowners who complain about utterly wasted, poorly-thought-out storage spaces, i.e., cabinets that are too shallow, or drawers that are too small. Some cabinets are so deep that people can’t reach some items without unloading others. We can make it better!

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands increase your work surface and storage capacity, as long as the cabinets are intelligently designed and organized. If you are adding a kitchen island, think about function and dimensions.  An open living and dining island requires space for chairs and should accommodate convenient eating.

Framing and flooring your new kitchen

Another important consideration when remodeling your kitchen is the floor plan. With the framing and flooring services offered by the team at Bogert Construction in Lafayette, IN, you have full control over the shape of your new kitchen, and the choice of whether or not you want the room to open up into the rest of your home. When we sit down with you to draw up initial plans, just let us know what your dream kitchen looks like and we’ll make it a reality.
You have so many options in your floor plan when it comes to the addition or renovation of your kitchen. These days, kitchens are not so much their own rooms, but are now spaces meant for gathering and socializing as much as for cooking meals. Open floor plans and copious sources of natural light are recent trends in styles for new kitchens that don’t seem to be going by the wayside anytime fast (take it from us).

Financing your new kitchen

No matter the estimate for work on a new kitchen, the team at Bogert Construction is eager to find a way to get it done to your specifications. That’s why we offer a versatile range of financing options, because we don’t think budgetary limitations should be the thing to slow a project or, worse, keep it from ever coming to fruition.

In addition, if you’re planning on adding a kitchen to a home you recently bought or are thinking of buying, you may be eligible for a program offered by the United States Government called a 203k loan. Meant to stimulate energy efficiency and home buying, this program offers generously structured loans to remodel a newly purchased home. How can we help? The materials, builders and plans need to be approved before you can get a loan. We’ve been privy to the process a number of times, so we can easily ensure you can get your loan to remodel without any snags.

Why should you call Bogert Construction when you’re beginning to plan a kitchen remodel in the Lafayette area? Let’s just say we’ve been here a time or two. We know exactly what various plans will cost, making our team the perfect partner throughout the entire process of your renovation. From the planning stage to the final design, acquiring supplies and installing floors, cabinets, counter tops and more, we’re the only company you need to call.

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