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Home Renovations in Lafayette

Bogert Construction can help you with any home renovation job, from the smallest improvement to the largest transformation. Our services have won us such accolades as the 2017 Readers Choice for Best in Home Renovations, and garnered us many loyal customers in our more than two decades in business. Here’s a brief rundown of the services Bogert Construction can offer you:

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  • Framing: When it comes to a new room in your home, we think it should be built with the highest level of quality, right down to the studs. The team at Bogert can frame rooms in whatever shape or style you desire for a strong foundation to your dream living space.
  • Flooring: When it comes to floors, the team at Bogert takes pride in the versatility of options we can offer. From classic, timeless tile floors to elegant shades of hardwood, we can turn your vision into a reality.
  • 203k Loans: Buying a new home to remodel right away? The U.S. government wants to help, and we can ensure that the process of applying for and getting for a 203k renovation loan goes through without a snag.

Financing your new kitchen

No matter the estimate for work on a new kitchen, the team at Bogert Construction is eager to find a way to get it done to your specifications. That’s why we offer a versatile range of financing options, because we don’t think budgetary limitations should be the thing to slow a project or, worse, keep it from ever coming to fruition.

In addition, if you’re planning on adding a kitchen to a home you recently bought or are thinking of buying, you may be eligible for a program offered by the United States Government called a 203k loan. Meant to stimulate energy efficiency and homebuying, this program offers generously structured loans to remodel a newly purchased home. How can we help? The materials, builders and plans need to be approved before you can get a loan. We’ve been privy to the process a number of times, so we can easily ensure you can get your loan to remodel without any snags.

Why should you call Bogert Construction when you’re beginning to plan a kitchen remodel in the Lafayette area? Let’s just say we’ve been here a time or two. We know exactly what various plans will cost, making our team the perfect partner throughout the entire process of your renovation. From the planning stage to the final design, acquiring supplies and installing floors, cabinets, countertops and more, we’re the only company you need to call.

What rooms can we remodel?

In short, we can build, rebuild, remodel and renovate any area on your property, from a new deck or outdoor living space to any room on the inside of your home.

The most popular rooms to rebuild and remodel for our clients are, by no small margin, the kitchen and bathroom. These are some of the rooms with the most potential to look outdated, with trends in countertop styles and tile looks changing faster than any other areas in a home.

If you don’t want to constantly be thinking and rethinking the look of your kitchen and bathroom, try to settle on more timeless looks while avoiding trends and styles that crop up fast (and are equally likely to be old news in another few years). Some ideas for timeless kitchens are countertops and cabinets that aren’t too bold, meaning that they don’t use patterns and colors that draw the eye. Simple granite countertops and backsplashes, or butcher-block counters and a medium shade of wood stain on the cabinets, will look fresh for a long time without you having to fear that their style is passing with the years.

Of course, if your kitchen or bathroom is looking outdated, we can help. Sit down with us, give us your budget and some of the aspects you’d like to see in your completely new space, and we’ll draw up plans and generate an estimate.

The Bogert Construction team in Lafayette, IN, can offer a wide variety of construction and renovation services to help you gain complete control over the look of your brand-new space. Call us when you’re ready to get started!

Call today for more about our services. (765) 607-1684

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